You like rough sex mmm that's hot. are you a virgin?

Lol no i’m not a virgin & yea I guess.

Can you post a picture... of you

Uhm Sure I guess 

Love your stories fuck I wounder if jason really fucks like that

Haha well I guess you just have to fuck him to see right (:



My hands were weak my mouth was dry he left me speechless. He touch my neck & rubbed my side. My body was growing weak with every touch. Jason always knew how to make me wet. He always knew how to make me want him more. I wanted to resist, I wanted to make him beg but I was to weak & I wanted him inside me. I felt my panties get wetter by the minute & he knew what he was doing to me I kept biting my lip & lets soft moans out. 

He laid me on the bed her gently took off my panties & bra, he was so careful. He always knew how to make me feel comfortable, he stood over me & took his shirt off he gently kissed me down my neck kissing almost my whole body. He knew how to make a girl feel special & lets just say it was amazing. He knew how to make a girl feel wanted.

His hands explored my body, he kept getting closer & closer to my opening but he never touched me, he wanted me to beg. Jason loves when I beg. “Stop jay just get in me please?” he looked at me, shook his head & said “not yet baby, but soon I will fuck you like no one else” When he said that I felt chills down my spine. Just hearing his voice made me weak. I couldn’t stand it, he was touching me & kissing me but he never put a finger or tongue inside of me & I was going crazy. 

"Jason I can’t take it" I turned him over & took control, he looked kind of shocked but I really didn’t care, if he was going to tease me I was going to show him what he was missing. "Baby -" He started "Baby please mmmmm" I looked at him a smirked I had his penis in my hand & was going up & down gently not touching the tip, I moved my hair out of my face with my free hand, & licked the tip of his penis I heard a little sigh coming from his mouth. I didn’t look up not just yet, I put half of his length in my mouth & started sucking, I wanted him to take control I wanted him to put his hand on my head & push me down, I looked up at him & put more in my mouth he never looked away from me, he put his hand to my cheek & brushed it. He moved some of my hair & then he took control he gently put his hand on my head & pushed down & up, down & up. He was going faster & his moans grew he was close to cumming I knew it but I didn’t want to stop, I started going faster & before you knew it his whole length was in my mouth. I was playing with his balls & still maintained a good steady pace, I knew he was going to cum. So I stopped & you could tell he did not like that. He turned me over & got on top "you’re going to pay for that" I looked at him & said "Oh really…well punish me baby, make sure I never do that to you again" 

He looked into my eyes & entered me, it hurt because I wasn’t used to his length, he was gently, he put his arms on the side of me & his thrusts got faster, all I felt was pure pleasure! All I could do was smile, it felt so good. I can’t explain the feelings jason gave me but he knew how to his dick & baby he was using it well. He pulled out & turned me over, he wanted me to ride him & I really wanted too. He positioned himself & I got on I moan escaped my mouth, I quickly kissed him before I held on the the frame of the bed to get a faster pace. He put his hands on my hips “Squeeze Jason, leave me bruises” I liked it rough so biting & pressure was just a BIG TURN ON FOR ME! & Jason knew what I liked. He winked at me & squeezed my waist, my moans were getting louder & my pace was getting faster & with Jasons help I was ready to cum. His moans were growing too. I let go of the frame & said “are you ready baby? do you wanna cum in me baby?” Jason sat up a little & said “Fuck yes baby, you’re so wet. Thats the way I like it! Fuck faster” I smiled & put my hands on the side of you & went faster just like you wanted. You gripped my waist even tighter & that made me even more hot! I bit my lip & went faster. My walls were tighting, I looked at you. You lifted me up did one more deep thrust & that was it, I held on to you & came so did you. 

We were both out of breath, our hot sweaty bodies collapsed on the bed. My body was weak & my vagina was throbbing. But that was the best ROUGH SEX ever.  
I turned my body to the side & touched your chest, you were still catching your breath. You put one hand on my cheek & cupped my face & kissed me “I’m so exhausted baby” you managed to say. I looked at you & said “Well I guess I did a good job” “Mhmm yes you did” you but you lip. 

I sat up & said “I think we need to have a fight & have rough make up sex” You looked at me with wide eyes & said “I’d do anything just to have sex with you again” I laughed & said “All this sex made me hungry you want a sandwich baby?” you looked at me in amazement & said “Fuck yes, I think we need to have sex like this more often”  



Caress my body and run your hands through my hair.

Throw me on the bed and make me want you.

Pull my hair and make me wet.

Put your hands on the side of me and and gently put your self in.

Push me up against the wall and kiss me rough.

Fuck me nice and rough.

Make me beg for you.

Just plain fuck me!

wheres jason?

Jason is on his Tumblr or on Twitter. lol


You are really cute. Are you single? ;)

Haha thank you & yup but i’m not looking so that you for that wonderful compliment (: